Whispering Pines Policies

Whispering Pines General House Rules and Operating Policies

Whispering Pines Golf exists for the purpose of serving the Members and Organizations that support the Spirit Golf Association.

All rules of the club may be changed from time to time, at the discretion of the Management and Owner. SGA Members will be informed of any rule changes.

It is the responsibility of each Member to inform all guests of the club rules prior to their visiting the club. The Management and Staff of Whispering Pines Golf Club have been given direct authority to enforce all club rules.

Age Restrictions

  • Children of ages seven (7) through eighteen (18) must be accompanied by an adult at all times while on Whispering Pines property.
  • No one under the age of eighteen (18) is permitted to stay in the cottages.
  • You must be at least 25 years of age or older to become a member at Whispering Pines Golf Club.


  • Members of the Club are responsible for the character and conduct of any persons whom they invite on to the Club premises. A Member must accompany all guests while they are on WP property.
  • Members are responsible to educate their guests on Whispering Pines rules and regulations and ensure they follow these set guidelines.
  • Harassment, sexual or otherwise, of Club staff will not be permitted. Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to, unwelcome sexual advances, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual or similarly offensive nature, offensive comments, jokes, innuendoes and other sexually oriented statements.
  • Language and jokes should be non-offensive around staff members.
  • Members cannot provide alcohol to employees, nor to ask them to sit down for dining or to visit at the Cottages.
  • Texting is allowed in Spirit Hall, but we kindly ask that all calls be taken outside.

Dress Code

  • Good Decorum must be observed in Spirit Hall and throughout Whispering Pines at all times. Please explain the following dress code to your guests prior to arrival to help avoid any uncomfortable conversations.
  • Spirit Hall is a casual and relaxed dining venue requiring the appropriate attire.
    • For Breakfast and Lunch Service, acceptable attire consists of collared shirts, slacks, or shorts.  Ladies may wear skirts.
    • For Dinner Service, acceptable attire consists of collared shirts and slacks for men.  Ladies may wear dresses or skirts.
    • Not permitted attire includes denim jeans or shorts, sweats, tank-tops, flip flops, open-toed shoes, or bare feet.
    • Gentlemen are requested to remove their hats upon entering Spirit Hall.
  • Hats must have bills facing forward while playing golf.
  • Shirts must remained tucked in at all times while on Whispering Pines grounds.


  • A guest may use the Club only when escorted by a Member.
  • Any one guest may visit the Club a maximum of four times per calendar year.
  • An Individual Member may only bring a maximum of 7 guests per visit. A Charitable or Corporate Member may have up to 7 guests per Designee present. On day play visits there may be exceptions depending on tee sheet availability. Please contact the Pro Shop.

Hours of Operation

To maintain operating efficiency, the Golf House will be open at the below times. The Golf House will remain open the following hours:
First Tee Times
Tuesday: 9 a.m. (Gate opens at 8 a.m.)
Wed-Sun: 7:30 a.m.

Pro Shop Hours
Tuesday: 9 a.m.-6p.m.
Wed-Sun: 6:45 a.m.-6 p.m.

Spirit Hall
Breakfast: 6 a.m.-10:30 a.m. (Except Tuesday, starts at 9 a.m.)
Lunch: 10:45 a.m.-4 p.m.
Dinner: 6 p.m.-9 p.m. (Except Sunday, closes at 4 p.m.)
Spirit Hall closes at 10p.m.


  • An Individual or Spirit Member may only bring a maximum of 7 guests per visit.  
  • The course is open Tuesday through Sunday.
  • All Members and guests must check in with the Golf Shop.
  • Payment for golf is due at the time of check in.

Fishing and Hunting on Club Property

  • Hunting is NOT permitted on Whispering Pines property.
  • Fishing is permitted for Members and guests ONLY.
  • Swimming is NOT permitted in the lakes.

Starting Times and Group Outings

  • Tee time reservations must be made in advance.
  • Caddie and dining arrangements must be made in advance.

Caddies and Carts

  • Golf carts are included in the price of the golf round.
  • Members staying at our offsite cottages at Directors Corner, must have their own transportation to and from the Club. Golf carts are not allowed off Whispering Pines property.
  • Caddie and Fore Caddie gratuities are additional to the cost of the round.
  • Caddies are available on a first-come-first-served basis.
    •  Please make caddie reservations at least 72 hours in advance of tee time.

Rules Governing Golf Cart Use

  • Maximum of 2 persons and 2 golf bags in each golf cart
  • The operator of a golf cart must be 18 years old and with a valid driver's license
  • The operator must drive responsibly, observe property/golf signage, and drive no closer than 30 feet from a green, ground under repair, water or any other hazardous area
  • Any damage or personal injury caused by or to a golf cart while in use will be the responsibility of the operator.

Locker Rooms

  • Lockers are for day use only. All contents must be removed at the end of each day.
  • The club is not responsible for any items stored in the lockers or locker room.

Food and Beverage

  • Food and alcoholic beverages may NOT be brought on property except for wine, which must stay in the cottages. No alcoholic beverage is permitted to leave the property.
  • Members and guests are responsible for food and beverage charges at the time of service. All F&B charges are placed on the Member's account. 
  • The club will not serve any alcoholic beverage to a person less than 21 years of age or to a person that is deemed to be intoxicated.
  • Reservations are required for dinner service and must be reserved by 4pm the day of the dinner.
  • Alcoholic beverages may NOT be served until noon on Sunday.
  • To-go orders must be placed 24 hours in advance of your desired pick-up time.  
  • Grilling or cooking is not permitted at the cottages.


  • Park in designated parking areas only.
  • Valet parking for Members and guests is available and is a courtesy
  • The club assumes NO responsibility for automobiles, damage to vehicle or property left inside.


  • Domestic pets are not permitted on Club property.


  • Any club property removed or damaged by a Member or guest will be paid for by the Member
  • The club is not responsible for Members and guests' property on the Whispering Pines premises

The Village at Whispering Pines Rules and Regulations

Cottage reservations for members can be accessed by visiting and clicking on the Cottage Reservations tab in their member account.

Cancellation Policy
Any reservation made inside 10 days of the reserved date must be canceled 48 hrs prior to the reserved date to avoid charges.

Guest Suite or One Cottage All reservations must be canceled 30 days in advance to avoid a 100% forfeiture of funds
  Two  Cottages All reservations must be canceled 45 days in advance to avoid 100% forfeiture of funds.

Guests may check-in no earlier than 1 p.m. on the day of their reservation.

Guests must vacate their rooms and/or cottage no later than 10 a.m.

Limits on Cottage Reservations
Individual or National Membership

  • May not book more than one cottage per visit.
  • Cannot have more than 2 bookings at any one time.

Charitable or Corporate Membership, or Spirit Sponsor

  • May not book more than two cottages per visit.
  • Cannot have more than 3 bookings at any one time.

Age Restrictions
No person under the age of 18 is permitted in the cottages.

Maximum Occupancy
Cottages may only be occupied by a maximum number of people equal to the number of beds in the rented space.

Food & Beverage
Grilling or cooking is not permitted in the cottages.  Food from Spirit Hall may be brought to the cottages.  Please provide 24 hours notice for all to-go items.

Directors Corner
Members staying at our offsite cottages at Directors Corner, must have their own transportation to and from the Club. Golf carts are not allowed off Whispering Pines property.

To make your reservation at The Village at Whispering Pines contact Barbara Dauzat at (936) 594-4698